epicentre is a digital art group exhibition on routers︎ and screens︎ 

42o works by 135 artists︎ showcased simultaneously in 21 embassies: institutions and municipalities of the valencian community each hosting a part of the exhibition. all together make epicentre

alcoi︎ aldaia︎ alicante︎ almenara︎ benetusser︎ benicarló︎ castelló︎ chelva︎ el campello︎ elche︎ les coves de vinromà︎ macastre︎ orihuela︎ potries︎ sant joan d’alacant︎ sant mateu︎ valència︎ vallada︎ vilafamés︎ vilafranca︎ villanueva de castellón︎

epicentre is organised, curated and produced by david quiles guilló in collaboration with consorci de museus de la comunitat valenciana & centre del carme, with co-curator systaime, and guest curators b & kaspar ravel as glitch artists collective. router code by matthias strubel & miyö van stenis. exhibition code & design by david quiles guilló. production support by sintonison

epicentre is a project by david quiles guilló for the wrong︎ with the support of consorci de museus de la comunitat valenciana︎

with the support of